Monday, October 31, 2011

My New Understanding

How have my views changed?

I think that my concept of literacy has changed the most while reading about media literacy. It has certainly expanded. Previously I had seen literacy as simple a concept for reading and understanding novels, or more broadly, written texts of literature. I do admit to having a bias for these types because I have a nostalgia for things closer to the past, even though we still use majority print media to this day. However, with the expansion of media literacy, I see how my opinions can come to envelope more areas of the literacy field. For example, I love films and movies. If I take into consideration visual literacy and compare it to my love of cinematography, I can see the increased value for using visual literacy within a classroom setting. Also, movies just create a reality to the "film" going on within a person's head as they use their imagination while reading print or text.
Truly the possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to the broad concept of literacy. As long as new technologies are being invented, new media will pop up, and therefore new views on literacy will have to be created. I see all of this as a giant football field, and each light that shines on one part of the field as being a certain type of literacy. When all the lights are lit, we will see a more unified field and the entire picture of the truth of a subject we are focusing on.

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