Monday, October 31, 2011

Media literacy as a form of information literacy

Question: How does the content from the RSS connect or disconnect with what you know about your field already?

Media literacy at first seemed like it matched up with information literacy, a topic we had discussed earlier in our curriculum. Information literacy is defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, ability to know the types of sources, and the ability to evaluate and use those sources. In this case, media literacy is just a specific type of information literacy; knowing how to apply it to all the different types of media fields, whether they be paper documents, videos, or information on the Internet. Being literate of a media simply means that the person is able to use and navigate the type of forum successfully. With each new generation coming into the world, people are now living in a world where computers have always been utilized. These younger generations are becoming more adept at using these new types of media, even better than their elders. While I do have somewhat of a bias towards print media, I do see room for the use of different types of media. Different types of learners, for example visual learners, will have a better grasp with videos and will learn more from the visual media. If we can match innate traits and skills of individuals to the appropriate media, then we can create learners comfortable with their specific lens of education and who can utilize it to the fullest.

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