Thursday, December 3, 2009

Names of My Potential Future Children

I hope to have a boy first for some irrational reason. I guess most fathers want their first born to be a son. His first name will be William. As for a middle name...maybe Ernest. I've always liked that name, but maybe that will be the name of my second son. So maybe William Ernest Lane, for the first son. Oh and it will be William and not Billy. I don't like Billy.
I also really like the name Malcolm.

As for girls, I really like the name Meredith. Others include Persephone, Rose, Mercedes, Leigh, or hell maybe I'd like to ruin her life and name her Lois....No, I won't be that cruel.

All of this depends on whether I can get a wife. That's the first step, and so far it hasn't been going so well....

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